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Whether you call it nudging, behavioural economics or change theory – FORE delivers consistent messaging and language across multiple channels using a low friction approach– all designed to support the behavioural aspects of recovery after injury or illness, and promote work-readiness in the long-term unemployed.

FORE combines three unique components...

Risk Identification:

Efficient allocation of resources by identifying social barriers and poor motivation early.

Guided Conversation:

Phone, email and SMS templates provide behaviour based language in communications.

Strategy Selection:

Activity is driven by our proprietary algorithm and barrier scripts.

FORE modifies the current “liability management” of case management into a hybrid of medical and behavioural factors, driving optimum return to work and readiness for work metrics.

It complements traditional case management systems with a behaviourally based communication platform.

FORE Solutions

Our desktop solution is a full web-based software platform which utilises all three of the components of risk identification, guided conversation and strategy selection. From the platform, SMS and email communications can be sent and received, stored and analysed. Tasks related to individual cases are recommended and prioritised, and cases are managed from the earliest possible interventions through to closure.

Not all companies can accommodate or require the desktop solution, and FORE has responded to this by developing Apps which provide some of the core functionality without the necessity to wrestle with IT security issues or workflow integration. See an example here.

FORE Services


We have consulted to the accident compensation and personal injury industry for 25 years achieving cost savings for our clients of up to 20%.

We consult to companies wishing to improve the language of their communications with their clients. This is end to end, from engagement letters through to all communications. The language sets the tone for the relationship to positively affect outcomes in injury or illness.

We consult to employment services companies wishing to improve their performance in returning the long term unemployed to work.


Whether it be change management issues, or specific training in the use of FORE products, the FORE team provides both in-house and on-line training to optimise service and efficiency.

About Fore

FORE is a health management organisation that consults & provides software solutions to the personal accident and injury and illness markets. Our team has extensive clinical, insurance and consulting experience.


Dr Paul Pers

Paul has worked in occupational medicine and insurance medicine for the past 30 years. He has consulted to workers compensation and life insurers as well as to large national corporations. He was lead consultant in several national claims management business process redesign projects. He has developed and delivered a wide range of training programs for life insurance and motor accident claims staff in communication techniques. He has broad range medical knowledge of medical disability in worker’s compensation, life insurance and compulsory third party.

Dr Clive Hume

Dr Clive Hume has been a general practitioner for over 30 years with specialisation in rural and remote medicine and occupational medicine. Dr Hume is an accredited permanent impairment assessor who has taken the highly complex AMA5 impairment guide and converted into the simple, easy to use Expia online permanent impairment tool. He is an appointed medical assessor for SA Employment Tribunal.

Carolyn Mounce

Carolyn has over 20 years experience in the personal injury sector: as a regulator, insurer and consultant. She sees the opportunities from all angles. Carolyn is the author of ‘On the Front Foot: Six Simple Steps to RTW’ and is a specialist in the practical use of influence in the workplace. She looks at diverse markets to constantly find new and practical ways to build influencing capability and has taken the latest research and designed a simple approach to build skills that are easy to apply and use daily.


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